Administration and Finance


  • Financial management for researcher that includes budget preparation and management of expenses in accordance to the Treasury procedures and standards.
  • Manage the property of CnR's office that includes utilities, development and security.
  • Manage documents, files and records
  • Manage RnC website
  • Coordinate organizing committee for awards ceremony and other PTj's program
  • Manage the revision and review of USAS Research Strategic Planning


Research Grant Management

  • Manage research grant application manually and online
  • Manage research grant financing
  • Monitor research grants implementation
  • Coordinate meetings for evaluation panels
  • Act as Secretariat for Research Management Committee (JPP) and Research Evaluation Committee (JkPP).
  • Manage information and appointment of University’s RA/GRA
  • Monitor research progress
  • Monitor research assets
  • Manage the collection of research’s final report


Research Support

  • Act as Secretariat for the Conference Committee (JkP)
  • Coordinate university's research and innovation data
  • Manage the formation, development and coordination of the "Research Cluster” (RC).
  • Manage research publications, RnC 's annual reports and activity reports as well as university research performance
  • Manage the process of development planning and updating the research information systems
  • Manage the evaluation for awards
  • Manage e-Conference and e- Dana Penyelidikan University (e-DPU) systems.
  • Conducting training workshops related to research and innovation


Intellectual property (IP) and Commercialization

  • Manage USAS's research exhibition activities
  • Manage the application for commercialization of university's research products
  • Act as Secretariat for University's Intellectual Property Management Committee (JPHI) and Technical Committee (JKTP)
  • Prepare commercialization papers for JPHI consideration
  • Consultation with the industry for commercialize of university research products
  • Prepare commercialization agreement
  • Conducts fund raising programs for financing commercialization project
  • Manage University's Commercialization trust
  • Manage University's Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio
  • Manage patent applications

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