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Government policy and policy changes, particularly those involving the Ministry of Education (Malaysia) and higher education institutions, in order to make the university in Malaysia compete at a global level and in line with reputable universities, have had a direct impact on USAS policy and policy changes. In this regard, university income generation is a necessity in reducing dependence on government funds and towards becoming a fully autonomous research university over the long term.

Hence, the marketing of expertise through consultation work and findings from the research has to be the main agenda and further enhanced by USAS. The enhancement of cooperation between USAS and other aggressive external agencies through research projects, consultancy and commercialization of products either financed by the University or external agencies has provided special benefits to the staff and the USAS. In this marketing effort, the consultative project guideline is necessary and has been established as a 'Standard Operating Procedure' (SOP), so that it can serve as a clear, simple guide to reducing bureaucracy, motivating the consultants to work together in this marketing effort, in the context of 'win-win' for the sake of and safeguarding common interests.


Purpose of Guidelines

Establish a systematic and clear management mechanism in the implementation of a consultancy project conducted by RnC to safeguard the interests of the University and / or external parties.


Objective of the Guidelines

The objectives of the USAS Consultative Guidelines are to:

I. Prepare a working rule or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the management of consultation work conducted by USAS staff.

II. Maintain the importance of USAS University, Consultant and customers and reputation as a competitive university in research and consultancy work.

III. Generate internal income sources through consultation work.



I. Universities

University means the Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS).

II. Negotiation

Consultation is all activities involving an expert in the staff of the University and carried out in the form of advisory, laboratory or field work, providing training or management or / and contractual activity with the University and / or external parties and generating income to the University.

III. Consultants

Consultant is a University staff representing the University in a consultative project.

IV. Customers

Customer is an authorized body of an institution or employee representing the customer or individual person representing himself.


PPU is the University Management Team.


Consultation Work

Conducting Consultation Work

1. The work of the Consultant shall conform to the field of expertise and knowledge of the Consultant.

  • Negotiation arrangements shall not interfere with the responsibilities and duties of the staff of the University and shall be approved by the Head of Research and Consultancy
  • These Guidelines and other rules made hereafter shall be read together with the guidelines of the University Research Management.
  • Any matter of negotiation conducted shall not conflict or affect the interests or reputation of the University.

2. General Procedures of Consultation Work

  • Letter of intent must be received first by the consultant from the customer.
  • The application for the approval of a consultation work shall be submitted to UCSB through KPTj by filling in the Proposed Project Application Form (USAS NOT YET FINISH).
  • Negotiation Project Agreement Letter (USAS NOT YET FINISH) together with the terms agreed upon by USAS and the customer shall be signed before any project is commenced. or;
  • The agreed joint quote is to be issued by USAS before a project commences. The consultation project can be started once a Local Message (LO) from the customer and the CRIM is informed.

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